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ANY KIND OF COVERING We realized a long list of types of coverings: plasters of any kind, insulation coatings, marble, continuous glass facades, bricks, ventilated facades, decorations, and many more.

GUARANTEED SAVING One of our biggest interests is the energy saving; we studied and realized any kind of coating and building insulation present in the market and so we can help today our customers in the choice of the insulation material and technology that best fits his needs.

To realize a good facade it is necessary to armonize different systems and materials to obtain a long lasting building.

CURE OF THE DETAILS The application of facade coverings is a work to be done with a great cure and it starts with a preliminary study that can spot critical points and discover the best gimmiks useful to avoid the most common problems of facades: infiltrations, cracks, detachements, stains, etc.
Application errors of a facade covering are usually very difficult to resolve and they have always unaesthetic results; for that reason Fratus dedicates big attention to particular points like joints, profiles, openings, mix of various materials and more.

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