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WE WORK CLOSELY WITH OUR CUSTOMERS We are competent to give professional consulting to our customers in order to spot critical parts of the construction and to pinpoint the best solutions, that always need to be longlasting.
Our buildings don't have infiltrations and stay efficient for many years.

We're experienced in traditional waterproofing systems with bituminous sheaths, poliureas, reisins injections, osmotic paintings and mortars.

The majority of heavy problems in the buildings is caused by the infiltrations of water. Those problems usually lie in errors during the construction works but even in the lack of study of the overall construction system. On this side Fratus Restauri is committed in experimentation and use of a vast amount of waterproofing technologies and today we're able to reseolve almost every problem of infiltration in buildings

Via Balicco 12 Martinengo (BG) - Telefono: +39 0363 98 88 99 - Email: - P.I. 02885780169